3 Better Posture and Back Pain Relief at Home Exercises

Therapy Ball Exercises for Back Pain Relief and Better Posture

An essential piece of equipment for your back and neck self care at home is an exercise or therapy ball. This inexpensive tool will not only help you with back and neck pain relief , it will also greatly improve your posture and therefore your appearance. Laying back over the ball as shown in the first exercise in the video below will help correct forward rounded shoulders and also reduce your back and neck pain.

Watch this 1 minute video to get started today.

5 Benefits of Therapy Ball Exercises

  1. Helps correct hunched back forward posture
  2. Mobilizes your spinal joints and reduces pain
  3. Improves your breathing by expanding your rib cage and lungs
  4. Increases your back extension range of motion
  5. Lengthens your body and decompresses your discs

Safety while doing Therapy Ball Exercises

  1. Get proper in person instruction from your chiropractor, therapist, trainer, or coach
  2. Have a clear safe space free of objects that you could hit if you fall off the ball
  3. Start slow, be careful, always maintain balance and control of your body on the ball
  4. Use a spotter person to help ensure you don’t fall off the ball
  5. Perform on a floor that is forgiving or with mats to better protect yourself

You will get great benefits by incorporating the above exercises into your routine safely several times per week. They can be done daily if desired. Once you start doing them you will look forward to how they make you look and feel better. If you have any questions on how to do these therapy ball exercises properly, you can call my office at (781) 829-9300.


Dr. Jack F. Sarro D.C.

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