Back and Hip Pain Relief with Squats

Squats Improve Back Pain and Tight Hips

When it comes to exercises it is hard to beat the benefits you will get from squats. The squat is a fundamental movement that has been around since the beginning of time. Long before chairs were invented people squatted for long periods throughout the day. Bringing back the squat into your exercise program either with or without weight can help improve back pain and tight hips. Squats will also help to improve your strength and posture.

Watch this 1-minute video on how to squat properly for improved back and hip mobility.

5 Tips for Squatting for Back Pain Relief

  1. Squat with your feet shoulder width apart, hips open, toes pointed out
  2. Go for a full range of motion and try to increase overtime
  3. Hold the bottom position for 10-30 seconds or more and open your hips further
  4.  Repeat 5 times and practice 3 x per week without weight
  5. Feel the stretch in your hips and leg muscles, stop if you have pain

Squat for Mobility and Strength

A good routine would be to squat without weight 2-3 x per week for mobility, and with weight 1 x per week for strength. If you have any questions on how to squat properly to increase your hip mobility and reduce back pain please call my office at (781) 829-9300.


Dr. Jack F. Sarro D.C.

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