Lower Back and Sciatic Pain Relief at Home

Back Pain Relief with the Lying Spinal Twist Stretch

A lack of hip, pelvic and lower back flexibility is a common cause of lower back and sciatic nerve pain. A loss of range of motion, muscle spasms, and poor spinal and pelvic alignment can also greatly contribute to your lower back pain. If you are looking to relieve your pain at home you may want to add the lying spinal twist stretch to your regular routine several times per week.

I recommend patients work up to holding this stretch for up to 30 seconds or more and perform 2-3 repetitions per side. A patient should typical perform this stretch at least 3 times per week. You should feel the muscles letting go and releasing the tension and tightness in your lower back and pelvis that is often causing or contributing to your pain. This stretch can be performed several times throughout the day.

5 Tips for Stretching with Lower Back Pain

  1.  Always check with your Chiropractic Doctor before beginning lower back stretches.
  2. Do not bounce while performing stretches as it may increase your risk of injury.
  3. Warm your muscles with walking or activity before you begin.
  4. Improving your flexibility takes time so it is important for you to be consistent.
  5. Improved flexibility will help reduce your future risk of lower back pain and injury.

If your lower back pain does not resolve after gentle stretching for a few days, you may want to have your spinal alignment checked by your Chiropractic Doctor. A lower back or pelvic misalignment can cause your muscles to feel chronically tight and inflamed.


Dr. Jack F. Sarro D.C.

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