Frequently asked questions

Your Treatment Questions Answered

Is it true, once you go to a chiropractor, you have to go for the rest of your life?

No, this is not true in our office. The majority of our patients once they are out of pain, just call us in the future if the need arises. If a problem returns or a new injury occurs, patients can call us for an appointment or walk-in for additional treatment. We do not pressure patients to complete excessive and long treatment plans.

Do chiropractic treatments hurt?

No, the majority of patients have less pain after treatment. Patients typically feel better because treatments release excess pressure built up in joints. This allows inflammation to leave painful areas. When a patient is already in pain or has a lot of inflammation built up, there can be some mild temporary soreness after a treatment. This soreness is easily alleviated with ice, rest, and follow-up treatments. Over time soreness is less and less as your body heals, until there is no soreness after treatment.

Is chiropractic treatment safe?

Yes, it is very safe. The focus of our treatment methods is on non-invasive gentle methods that are non traumatic to your body. Chiropractors have some of the lowest liability insurance rates in healthcare.

What is the popping sound associated with some chiropractic treatments?

When a joint locks or is misaligned  gas, pressure, and fluid build up inside the joint. Chiropractic treatments release pressure and nitrogen gas creating a popping sound, similar to opening a can of soda. This feels good to patients, as the excess pressure is part of the pain. Not all of Dr. Sarro’s treatments create a popping sound.

How many visits of treatment will it take for my condition to get better?

In our office as few as possible. This varies based on the patient’s age, severity, duration of pain, and the patient’s overall health status. Many patients begin to feel relief from the first treatment. Others patients improve more gradually with each visit. Most patients conditions are resolving within 3-4 weeks of treatment, with upwards of 80% pain relief. In some cases it can take 2-3 months of treatment to resolve the patient’s pain after years of suffering.

How many years of college education does a Doctor of Chiropractic have?

Eight years of college is the general standard for Chiropractic Doctors. Typically including four years of undergraduate education in the sciences, and four years of intensive graduate education. Chiropractic Doctors intensively study anatomy, physiology, physics, biochemistry, biomechanics, kinesiology, pathology, and diagnosis. In addition Chiropractors are required to complete a clinical residency and internship at their universities.

Is Chiropractic safe and effective treatment?

Yes, Chiropractic is safe and effective treatment for many back and neck conditions including disc injuries. Dr. Sarro has had a very high success rate with patients recovering from painful conditions. Chiropractic treatment has helped thousands of patients to recover without back and neck surgery.

Do all chiropractic treatments cause a popping or cracking sound?

No, in fact we offer instrument chiropractic treatments in the office. This modern technology can correct a spinal problem without any popping or cracking sounds. We also offer traditional hands-on manual treatments in the office. Many patients prefer one type or a combination of both types of treatment. Please keep in mind that both types of treatment are extremely safe.

What is the history of chiropractic treatment?

Modern day chiropractic treatment has its history in spinal manipulation dating back thousands of years to the Father of Medicine Hippocrates. Later on Bone Setters employed similiar treatments to ease suffering. Present day chiropractic has its official beginnings in 1895 in Davenport, IA when Dr. D.D. Palmer designed a more accurate and precise method to diagnosis and treatment by spinal manipulation.

What is the famous Thomas Edison quote regarding future healthcare?

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  Chiropractors practice very similarly to this Thomas Edison quote.

Do Chiropractic Doctors only treat the spine?

In addition to the spine, chiropractors are trained to treat shoulder, rib, elbow, hand, wrist, hip, knee, foot, and ankle problems. Many patients have found chiropractic extremity treatments to be of great benefit in resolving injuries and pain in those areas. No other specialty in healthcare offers this unique service.

Why does Chiropractic and exercise produce better results together than on their own for back pain?

Aligning the spine and improving posture with chiropractic treatment allows patients to better participate in exercise programs. Exercising out of alignment is similar to driving your car out of alignment, which wears out your tires. The same thing can happen to your joints when exercising and lifting weights while out of alignment.

Can children receive chiropractic treatment?

The birth process, falls, backpacks, and sports can be a source of trauma to the neck and spine which can cause problems for children. Children’s problems are often easily corrected within a few visits. Chiropractic is safe for children of all ages.

Does insurance cover chiropractic treatments?

Most major insurance companies cover chiropractic treatment. Medicare and MassHealth cover chiropractic treatment as well. In addition chiropractic treatment is covered by Massachusetts Auto Accident and Workers Compensation Insurance. We also offer affordable fees for non-insured patients.