Chiropractic Relief Care

Diagnostic Instruments

Relief of your pain in the least amount of time and visits is what we will do for you. In addition great care is taken to provide gentle treatment that adds no additional pain to the discomfort you already have. We build our reputation on these ethical principles. If you are suffering from a pain related injury or disorder it is very likely we can help you.

Types of Treatment

Our office utilizes advanced methods to diagnose and treat your pain. We utilize both gentle instrument and hands-on treatments to help resolve your neck and back pain in a comfortable, enjoyable, and effective fashion. We adapt treatment to your age, size, stature, and overall condition.

Your New Patient Consultation:

During your new patient consultation, we will review when and how your symptoms began.

Your New Patient Exam Includes:

  • Instrumentation – allows us to check for signs of nerve irritation and inflammation
  • Spinal Palpation – allows us to check for areas of joint pain, swelling and muscle spasm
  • Range of Motion Tests – evaluates the motion of your spine, joints, and muscles
  • Observation – allows us to check your posture, gait, and look for scoliosis
  • Orthopedic and Neurological Tests- allows us to further diagnose your condition
  • X-Ray Images – If medically necessary x-rays are taken to diagnose your condition

Your New Patient First Visit:

All new patients are examined and treated on the first visit if appropriate. You are likely to have improvement and relief after the first treatment, if not certainly within two weeks of starting treatment. We work with you until your pain is gone and you are very satisfied with your results. Then we will discharge you from active treatment. If your pain ever returns or you develop a new injury, you can call us back for any additional treatment if needed.

Side View of Spine

Back View of Spine