Work Comp Injury Treatment

In Massachusetts you have the right to choose your doctor and treatment for your Work Comp related injuries. I am an approved Doctor of Chiropractic for your treatment under worker’s compensation laws in this state. If you have had a Work Comp Injury call my office and we will help you with your recovery and pain.

Work Comp Chiropractor

I have many years of experience in helping patients recover from work injuries. My focus is to help resolve your pain and injuries and get you back to work as soon as possible. You may be able to work while undergoing our treatment. Most patients are able to continue working while receiving our chiropractic treatment. Light duty will often allow you to work without re-injuring yourself.

Chiropractic for Your Work Comp Injury

Work Comp injuries are very common. Lifting, bending, twisting, falls, and repeating motion can all cause you to have a work injury. This can lead to you suffering chronic pain and disability, if you are not treated properly by a Doctor of Chiropractic. A Work Comp injury can put your career at risk leading you to needing to find a new occupation. That is why it is imperative to not work through your pain without Chiropractic Treatment. You could otherwise end up with a permanent injury.

Pain after an injury can progress to the point where it is difficult for you to move or get out of a chair. Working through your pain without treatment can lead to exacerbation of your injury. Chiropractic treatment can help resolve your pain and return you to work in timely and cost effective manner. This is supported by current scientific research and studies.

Treating Work Comp Injuries Treated with Chiropractic

I have been treating patients with Work Comp related injuries with Chiropractic since 1999. Patients typically start feeling better within a few visits. If you are suffering from a Work Comp injury call my office to schedule a consultation and treatment with me. I will help you recovery from your injury.