Back Pain Relief on the South Shore

Does your lower back hurt when you get out of a chair, and you can’t straighten up? I understand exactly what your going through. Years ago I had a back injury also. If you are living with back pain, my number one top priority for you is to help you get rid of it. I was able to fix my back pain, and I know what it takes to fix yours. Untreated back pain can permanently effect the quality of your life.

Golfer gets back pain relief…..

“I have a hairline fracture at the L5/S1 vertebrae, a common but chronically painful back condition. My passion is golf. My back pain had been dramatically impeding my play on the back nine. I had been out of commission the following day after golf. I had been told by New England Baptist Hospital that surgical rod fusion was necessary with the promise of 50% reduced mobility. I was then referred to Dr. Sarro by a friend. Dr. Jack filtered the data I gave him. All of it. MRI’s, X-rays, etc. He formulated a treatment plan, and within 3 months of undergoing his method of treatment I was nearly pain free and golfing regularly. Best of all I avoided surgery and could now once again enjoy playing with my kids.”

Back Pain Statistics

Statistically, 80% of people will require back pain treatment. Each year lower back pain costs the nation billions of dollars in lost work time, productivity, and medical bills. A large amount of this cost is related to back surgeries and associated long term disability. The American Chiropractic Association website has additional information on Back Pain Facts and Statistics.

Walk -In Chiropractic Treatment in Hanover

You can call or walk-in for treatment of your lower back pain in my Hanover Office. You can also request an appointment by email by clicking the button below.

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