Neck Pain Relief in Hanover

If you have neck pain you know it can be  very difficult to live with. Your neck may be very stiff, or you may hear grinding in your neck when you turn it. I have had patients describe this as sounding like gravel in their neck. These are common symptoms that greatly improve or resolve with treatment in my office. I have helped hundreds of patients just like you with both acute and chronic neck pain. We have found both types of neck pain to respond very favorably to treatment. You could be experiencing relief within the first treatment.

Hairdresser gets neck pain relief…..

“I had intense pain in my neck and upper back with numbness and tingling in my left arm and hand from a herniated disc. I was unable to function at all! All I could do was lay still in bed. I could only stand up for about 5 minute periods and sitting was impossible. I went to my primary care doctor for help first. I was prescribed pain pills, muscle relaxers, and a neck collar which offered no improvement. Then I went to Dr. Jack Sarro for help. The chiropractic treatments I received were unbelievable! I felt relief of my pain within the first three visits! I was back to work within two weeks. I will continue to be a patient of Dr. Sarro if the pain ever returns!”

Causes of Your Neck Pain

The cause of your neck pain can be related to sleeping with the window open or a fan blowing on you. Using too many pillows at night can also cause neck pain. A cold or flu virus can even settle into your neck muscles leading to spasm and pain. Trauma such as falling or a car accident can cause a whiplash type neck pain. Many of my patients with neck pain are not sure what caused it. Sometimes the cause is arthritis from an old whiplash injury, which we can still greatly help.

Walk-In Neck Pain Treatment on The South Shore

Neck pain can gradually improve on it’s own without treatment over several weeks to a few months. However, it may only take a few days to a week if you come in and see me for relief care.  Without treatment neck pain can severely limit your work and fun activity. It can reoccur at the worst time, like right before a family vacation.

You can call or walk-in for treatment during regular office hours. You can also request an appointment by email by clicking the button below. 


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